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The Brown Sign Torch Relay Day 27: Grace Darling. The End

This blog is going to be the quickest blog ever, for a few reasons:

1) It’s my birthday today

2) I spent most of the day in the garage because my car sounds like this when I drive it: Car near death experience

3) I’m out being busily t-total in an hour or so (I’m not even joking).

So today’s brown signed destination has been chosen from the Olympic torch relay route from Edinburgh to Alnwick and is The Grace Darling Museum run by the RNLI in the coastal town of Bamburgh in Northumberland. This museum charts the life of the town’s claim to fame, Grace Darling (read all about her here), brave rescuer of 13 shipwrecked soles on the night of the 7th of September 1838 when she rowed out in treturous seas with her father the lighthouse keeper when she witnessed the shipwreck. The museum tells the visitor all about the life of Grace Darling on the famous lighthouse where she grew up and the events of the rescue that propelled her into the limelight. Her story is told through personal items, including letters, family portraits and the famous coble.

Looks quality, I love brave people and especially brave women who break the mould. Thinking about what she did and the hideousness of that night also makes me scared stupid so I think it’s even better. Good one RNLI, loving you.

Happy birthday to me, goodbye 🙂