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A little bit about me and my brown sign project

I get really excited when I see a brown signThis is me, Amanda Hone, the girl behind the signs. Over the last few years I’ve become a little bit obsessed with brown tourist signs, but my guilty pleasure of “brown signing” really started at uni. Whenever I was bored it became a bit of thing for me to jump in the car, drive in a random direction and when I spotted a brown sign I’d follow it and visit wherever I ended up, just for fun. I found myself at places I wouldn’t ever have thought of going to before; an otter and owl sanctuary, The National Motoring Museum, an ornate Indian maharajah’s well in the middle of a country village and heading underground into Cheddar’s caves, to name just a few of the early delights. After uni I did a fair amount of jobs I didn’t like (including one as a travelling saleswoman when I spent many hours I should have been on the job veering off roads and into brown signed attractions), I travelled around the world and studied some more, all the while keeping up my brown signing (even in China, I’m not even joking)…