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To add a brown signed attraction or facility to the map, completely free, just fill out the details on the form below…
Attraction owners – please fill out the whole form and you’ll be added as soon as it’s checked.
If you’re nominating a brown sign just fill out as much as you know (i.e. name and location) and I’ll do the rest 🙂

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You don't have to run or work for the attraction to add it to the site. If you just want to nominate an attraction that you've found and like then please feel free to do so. Which are you?

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Attraction owners - why is your attraction/facility important and why would Britain be worse off without you?

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Is the attraction free?

Have you got a favourite brown sign? Have you ever been intrigued by a brown sign and followed it just for the fun of finding out where it leads? Well that's called true "brown-signing" my friends and you've been playing The Brown Sign Game. I've been playing this game for as long as I've had a job I needed to escape from (ages) and now I want to know your stories and see your pictures too (I'll even include them on my home page so you'll effectively become famous instantly if you send me them). Just email me and I'll get your stories and photos up for everyone to see, hopefully inspiring even more people to get out there randomly turning off roads when they see brown signs and start discovering Britain's riches through the joy of our diverse and varied attractions. Rock on all you brown signers.