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“2000 sqft of mosaic, 4.6 million shells, 1 big mystery”. Apparently discovered by accident in 1835, this place is absolutely amazing. These underground tunnels have so many designs within designs that it is really too much to take in all at once. It is quite unlike anything I have ever seen or heard of before, and the mystery surrounding its...


Intrigued by brown signs? Well, me too…

So welcome to the only website in the world dedicated to the humble brown tourist sign and the pastime known to a growing number of adventurers as brown-signing! This site is a work in progress and aims to inspire you to start randomly following brown signs as an alternative and spontaneous way to discover Britain.

Brown tourist signs point to diverse and brilliant attractions, from the mainstream to the downright quirky and every one is unique, important and meaningful in it’s own special way. The goal is get as many on the map as possible and to celebrate the varied, fascinating people and places you discover when you’re brown signing, everyone can help, so get involved!

I’m always looking for people to help build a wealth of info, links, histories and general interestingness about British attractions, so if you’re from a special interest group or enthusiast of any description please email me to contribute 🙂