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Follow the Brown Signs Blog - July, 2013

Travels with my barman

July 13, 2013
Guide bookLast week, after months of working nearly every night, double shifts at weekends and doing my part-time 9-5 as well, I was yearning for the sweet relief of a light adventure. Amanda Hone does not like feeling fenced in, so I was browsing Twitter for some inspiration on where to spend my day off when I saw the best museum advertising ever posted on YouTube for the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, where a flashmob act out Rembrandt's famous Nightwatch in a Dutch shopping centre.... I'd watched the BBC4 documentary in April...


Visit Churches (

July 3, 2013
12th Century ChurchRecently I was contacted by a very nice chap at the Churches Conservation Trust, this organisation does exactly what you think it does, helps to maintain hundreds of churches in need of restoration and conservation around England. He told me he'd recently been driving to a meeting in Suffolk and discovered a "gorgeous hidden gem" of church by following a little brown tourist sign. As a total history geek obsessed by all things old I too especially like following a brown sign to a church. Here's a picture of one...