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Follow the Brown Signs Blog - May, 2013

Post proposal brown signing on the Isle of Wight

May 27, 2013
Breakfast award logo for web_tcm30-35357When I awoke on my first morning as a soon-to-be-married woman I was both excited about being engaged (I had to keep checking I still had a ring on my finger) and almost equally as excited about the Visit England Breakfast Award accredited breakfast that awaited me just sniffing distance away in The Fawley's breakfast room. Like I said, I do like bacon. It's become a bit of a thing for me now to check whether the place I'm staying at shows this small but extremely significant sticker in its window when...


My face. The radio.

May 21, 2013
BBC micLincolnshire is going brown sign crazy at the moment (that's meant as a compliment of course Lincolnshire) so BBC Radio Lincs asked me again to go on their morning radio show to talk about the great joys of randomly following brown tourist signs. I always have to win the sceptics and people who brand me a total loon over, but eventually I hope listeners will be inspired to turn off the road and discover a great place for themselves next time they see a brown sign. I might have to...


A choppy crossing to an unexpectedly romantic Isle of Wight

May 15, 2013
Us on ferryReader, I just got back from the best weekend ever on the Isle of Wight. My boyfriend and I went on a brown sign jolly to discover this island county which fights a dual everyday with Rutland for the title of Britain's Smallest County (which it wins twice daily at high tide). To discover a little island through the medium of randomly following brown tourist signs is up there with bacon sandwiches and long distance railway journeys as one of my favourite things,  and as I've never had the pleasure of visiting this 148...