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My very random phone conversation with a chap at the London Development Agency just now…

Me: *Sounding very serious and worky* I would like to hire an intern/work experience person to help with a project I’m currently undertaking and wondered if you might be able to assist me?
Man: OK, I’ll just get some details, can you describe the project for me?
Me: Yes of course… *blah blah usual stuff about brown signs etc*
Man: Can I just stop you there, do you have a twin?
Me: Err yes I do, do you know her?
Man: Well not really, but I did meet both of you outside the Draft House pub near Tower Bridge once.
Me: Oh my God I remember you! Was I banging on about brown signs?!
Man: Yes you were. The conversation was definitely unique, I’ll give you that.
Me: Cripes. Was I hammered?
Man: Errr yes.
Me: And probably not very professional?
Man: *Laughs* No. Not at all!
Me: Belter. I really know how to impress don’t I?
Man: *Can’t get his words out for laughing* Oh yes, you really do!
Me: Magnificent