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Traffic Sign Regulations and General Directions 2015 news – WOOF!

I first started this big old brown sign project of mine to celebrate the fantasticly varied and endlessly fascinating destinations across Britain that can be found simply by following a brown tourist sign, unsurprisingly then my project has immersed me in the vibrant heritage and cultural scene, but I have also often found myself immersed in the seemingly less exciting world of road regulations, traffic sign design and “roadside furniture” management. As everyone knows though I’m a massive nerd, just give me a paragraph to read on any subject, from ants to zorbing and I’ll probably be out buying the seminal work on the matter (preferably in hardback) within minutes. So I have to unashamedly admit that my ears prick up whenever I hear discussion of the halloed “Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions” or “regs” to those in the know. It is the holy grail of traffic sign regulations published by the┬áDepartment for Transport which standardises Britain’s road signage.