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Random Brown Sign of the Day

This photo might look like you’ve been shot straight onto a highway in a land down under but actually this unique brown sign with a kangaroo on it is near Thirsk, North Yorkshire and points to Monk Park Farm. This little farm park is built on land that monks used to farm and live on, hence it’s name. The attraction evolved when the current owners of the farm used to let children from the local caravan parks come to help feed the animals and generally help out and get their hands dirty. They realised the kids were getting a lot out of their time on the farm and kept coming back to help, it was then that they decided to formally open it up to visitors. They began a huge building project which incorporated livestock, small animals (including wallabies, hence the brown sign symbol), picnic areas and refreshment facilities and started receiving visitors in 1999. Now the farm has 60,000 visitors a year and provides the hands on educational experiences that I always champion in my blogs. These places provide such an important lesson of the link between land and table which can so easily be lost in our modern day methods of food production and consumption. They also do barrel rides in the summer, does it get much better that that?

Rock on little farm parks like Monk Park Farm keep up your important pursuits 🙂