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Follow the Brown Signs Blog - January, 2012

On bikinis and windmills

January 26, 2012
In a week I will be jetting off (on a terribly-badly-reviewed-and-cheap-for-a-reason-yes-we're-all-almost-certainly-going-to-die airline) to Singapore and The Philippines. The trip is something I've been thinking about for a long time. After years of working on my brown signs project I decided when my website was finally working and ticking over nicely I'd have a break for a month or so doing something I love but haven't had the chance to do for ages, basically a big pat on the back through the medium of travel. So this morning, after preparing for the trip...


A farm with 1 tenant farmer, 8,000 landlords and spades and spades of passion

January 19, 2012
While I was up in Shropshire before Christmas I was told by my boyfriend's best mate about a farm he did legal work for who were in the process of applying for a brown sign. I'm always particularly interested in new brown signed destinations because when owners are bothering to go through the lengthy process of getting and paying for their own humble brown signs more often than not they're passionate about what they do and want to share it with the world. I went straight onto their website to...


Most mundane brown sign ever

Richard Gottfried, mini-golf King and spotter of brown signs extraordinare sent me this picture of a brown sign pointing to an overspill car park on what looks like a static caravan park in South Shields (thanks for the pics Richard, keep them coming). I'm pretty sure this wasn't what the designers of brown signs intended when they thought up a great way of helping indicate the way to the great and good attractions and facilities of Britain. Ho hum. Anyway, thought I'd share the most mundane and depressing brown sign...


Dirty brown-signing

January 13, 2012
This photo was forwarded to me yesterday by a good friend of mine with the subject "!!" and the words "I am speechless!" I, of course, absolutely wet myself and had to get it straight up on the blog. I read about this in the news a while ago but for some reason I didn't post it at the time, so I thought it was time to share. This fake brown sign was erected (see what I did there?) as a tongue in cheek (and there?) poke (and there?!) at the Gloucestershire viewpoint Barrow Wake,...


Bridges, tiles and villages that disappear into the river

January 10, 2012
After a hectic few weeks at work serving the good customers of Bromley their Christmas party food and being run off my feet doing a million other non-brown-sign related pursuits I was very happy to be able to grab a few days off before Christmas. Rather shockingly I have managed to bag myself a boyfriend (who knew?! I'd actually written myself off there for a while) so I relished the opportunity to jump on the back of his motorbike (I'm not even joking) and head up to Shropshire, where he's...


My pursuits get a Yorskshire mention

January 6, 2012
I was very surprised but happy to get a call from a journalist yesterday (about 4 minutes before work) asking me some questions about my brown sign related pursuits and asking if it was OK for her to do a piece on me in the Yorkshire Post (I refrained from bellowing "WOO HOO!" and said instead that it would absolutely fine). We had a little chat and the very next day that little chat was in print in the paper, so here it is ladies and gents, enjoy... (OK this...