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Compton Verney

Compton Verney is home to six diverse collections of nationally and internationally significant art from around the world – Paintings and objects from Naples during the ‘Golden Age’ of Baroque Art (1600-1800). Exquisitely carved sculptures by artists such as Tilman Riemenschneider seen alongside panel paintings by Cranach and Schongauer in the collection of Northern European art from 1450-1650. The British Portraits collection which features portraits of well-known Tudor Royals and important figures from the Georgian period. It also includes a portrait by Sir Joshua Reynolds and two views of London by Venetian artist Canaletto who worked in Britain in the mid 1700s. Bronzes and pottery in our Chinese collection, dating from between the Neolithic period (about 4500-2000 BC) and Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). The UK’s largest collection of British Folk Art objects and paintings, made as everyday objects by everyday people. Objects of inspiration and original textile designs by Enid Marx in our Marx-Lambert collection. Marx was most famous for her fabric designs for the London Underground in the 1930s.

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Compton Verney

Warwickshire CV35
United Kingdom
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