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Follow the Brown Signs Blog - November, 2012

Northern Ireland are brown sign trailblazing (literally)

November 20, 2012
Reader, please see attached an image of the newly approved brown sign symbols which are going to be rolled out all over Northern Ireland. They're part of a new initiative to encourage more visitors to explore and take in more of Northern Ireland than just the most regularly visited sites (e.g. The Giant's Causeway). The symbols will be used on walking routes and cycle paths as well as signing the way to areas of outstanding natural beauty, which is nice and novel and hasn't been done before so therefore I...


A visit to the gallery where the most stolen painting in the world hangs…

November 18, 2012
Today, while my boyfriend languished on the sofa fully primed for a whole day of sport, I was off out on my own exploring in the romantic yellowy-orange-falling-leafy-gorgeousness that so characterises these lovely autumnal days of late. I've lived in and around South East London most of my life yet it was only today I realised (when I noticed the brown sign, of course) that I hadn't been to the Dulwich Picture Gallery since I was a child. As is so often the way in life though its often the...


Fishing villages and a little museum in Dublin

November 9, 2012
Last weekend I muscled in on my best friend's weekend away in Dublin. She was attending the Christening of a child I'd never met and I was, well, chomping at the bit to do some Irish brown-signing and frankly happy with any excuse to go away, even if it did mean jumping on other people's bandwagons and attending lively Irish christenings of children I'm not even a little bit connected with. I'd learnt that Dublin was slowly phasing out its brown tourist signs when I called the Dublin Tourist Office while...