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Follow the Brown Signs Blog - September, 2011

My week of marriages and death

September 19, 2011
Cider farmThis week has been full of weddings and funerals for me, quite literally FULL. I've attended 3 weddings and 1 funeral in 3 different countries in the space of 7 days. I feel (but hopefully don't look very much like) Hugh Grant. These life and death celebrations have taken me far and wide and (you know me) of course I've been screeching to dangerous halts in the road to take pictures of the brown signs I see. So last Saturday it all started in Herefordshire in the intriguingly named little village...


I am BBC 6 Music’s Geek of the Week

September 18, 2011
Sitting in a coffee shop in Cambridge waiting to help my sister shoot a wedding on Saturday I was casually flicking through Twitter (yes people, I have purchased myself an iPhone, eventhough it is totally lost on me and I've only downloaded one app, Historypin) and noticed a retweet calling for geeks to nominate themselves for BBC 6 Music's Geek of the Week. I am such a massive geek that I nominated myself and got interviewed on the show. I think I worked out the audioboo, here it is (I think...


A very British “keep calm and carry on” brown sign….

September 6, 2011
This dedicated brown sign is still manages to do it's job despite suffering such shocking injuries This photo was sent to me by mini-golfer and brown sign spotter extraordinare Richard Gottfried. What I love most about this scene is that clearly the sign has come down with an almightly crash and more than likely didn't land standing upright in the position we see it in now. I can just imagine some well meaning individual going over and propping it up the best they could so it's still doing it's job despite the damage inflicted upon it. Or maybe it's just good fortune that it's still half standing, either...


On glamping, heartache and doing the hard bits

September 4, 2011
"Brain soup please waiter" Errr... did I mean that?After quite a lot of research around camping and caravanning sites recently as part of my brown sign discovery of Britain I started reading more and more about "glamping" (or "glamourous camping" where "glampers" get things like hot running water and solid structures to sleep in but still have a holiday in a field), so I decided to write a blog on the subject. But it was a blog I was not going to finish; for 2 reasons: 1) I hadn't completed it by the time I had to leave...


Putting hell! What a dude…

September 1, 2011
I've been having virtual chats via Facebook/Twitter/Email recently with a chap about brown signs and mini-golf (what a combination - I know, can you just imagine our conversations?!). This man is Richard Gottfried and he's a pretty cool guy... why? Because he spends his time travelling around the UK playing mini and adventure golf tournaments that's why, and frankly that's something you and I can only but wish we were doing with our lives (you love a bit of mini golf and you're as jealous as I am, admit it)....