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Follow the Brown Signs Blog - July, 2012

The Brown Sign Torch Relay Day 43: Going to the dogs

July 1, 2012
The Olympic torch goes south from Derby making some easterly detours but finally finishing up in Birmingham on day 43 of the Olympic torch relay. And so on our alternative brown sign torch relay we will be doing just the same (except we'll be taking frequent detours when we see brown signs). I've had the pleasure of visiting Birmingham quite a few times; it helps when you have friends around the country if you have an all consuming travel related project like I do and whenever I visit people I...


The Brown Sign Torch Relay Day 42: Stones would play inside her head…

On the 42nd day of the Olympic torch relay we run/walk/jog (depending on how athletic we're feeling on a Friday morning - not very I'm guessing) along our alternative torch relay from Nottingham to Derby. We make a big M-shape on our journey with the dip in the middle of the M taking us appropriately down to Matlock in the Peak District where the Olympic flame makes it's way up to The Heights of Abraham (gorge, hilltop woodlands and park with campsite and various other attractions) in Britain's first ever alpine type cable...