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Follow the Brown Signs Blog - May, 2012

The Brown Sign Torch Relay Day 3: Castles & feisty 17th Century chicks

May 21, 2012
Today the Olympic torch will travel from Exeter in Devon to Taunton in Somerset (the live location and everything torch related is here and I'm just as obsessed as ever with this site FYI). I had a look at the map but at the time the live location was "temporarily unavailable" so instead of my usual research into the area I decided to get a little help from my tweep friends on Twitter. I asked for nominations of brown signed destinations along the route today which deserved to be featured and the...


The Brown Sign Torch Relay Day 2: Hangovers & shingle bars

May 20, 2012
So this is me this morning after running to work (still managing to be late) with quite a significant hangover. Not drinking on a regular basis makes you look like this when you start again, to avoid this look I recommend drinking on a regular basis. Despite said hangover though I'm crashing on with my very exciting alternative Brown Sign Olympic Torch Relay (in between serving customers and pretending to be a good manager you understand). When I had a look at the Olympic Torch Relay map through bleary eyes earlier I...


Brown Sign Torch Relay Day 1: Wheal Martyn China Clay Museum

May 19, 2012
On day 1 of the Brown Sign Torch Relay I'm not embarrassed to admit I'm pretty bloody excited, and I know you are secretly too. So, I had a quick squiz at the map of where the Olympic torch is today and saw that it was near Bugle (great name) at around 3pm in Cornwall. I did a bit of research to see what was around the area and happened upon The Wheal Martyn China Clay Museum, interesting name and not the Eden Project (which is where everyone in the...


Not Britain’s biggest fan does her own torch relay

Recently I entered Visit Britain's "Fan in a Van" competition, where entrants were asked to tell the judges why they should be the person to follow the Olympic flame around Britain in a campervan on a 70 day adventure, blogging and tweeting about all the cool places they pass on the way. In a bid to win I cajoled my boyfriend into embarking on a 24 hour 600 mile round trip to go on a steam train up Snowdon, Wales (lots of sheep; picture of said sheep and boyfriend attached)...


Moat Vale – Camping the way it should be

Today I'm sharing a rather gorgeous shiny new pin on the Follow The Brown Signs map, it's a little (or "wee" as they appropriately describe themselves) campsite near Carlisle, Moat Vale Caravan and Camping Site (look at that home page, I mean how can you not be immediately won over by those happy jumping sheep on there for heaven's sake?!).  It takes a maximum 5 units and sits on a smallholding tucked away in the wooded landscape of the Netherby Estate. These guys have a relaxed and cuddly attitude to their...


Living on the (fen) edge

May 16, 2012
Today's brown sign of the day comes in the form of the imaginatively and very specifically named Burwell Museum of Fen Edge Village Life, who submitted themselves to the website yesterday. As well as having a windmill dating back to 1820 (don't get me started on how much I love windmills) this museum also has a collection of buildings and barns (some saved from demolition by being totally dismantled and rebuilt on site) which house collections on wide ranging subjects relating to village life on the edge of the Cambridgeshire fens. The...


Today’s newly pinned brown sign

May 14, 2012
The Rockingham Arms filled out my little form today on the "get me involved" page of the website, which means they'll now appear on the Follow The Brown Signs map and show up when people need inspiration for things to do in North Yorkshire. It's a big project to get all the brown signed attractions of the UK mapped, but more and more we're getting there (you can add one too you know, every little helps...) On my form I have deliberately not asked nominators to write the usual piece of marketing...