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How did I not know about this Magic Roundabout?!

Look at this! Drawn to my attention by a chap called Rob who thought I would appreciate this roundabout (which clearly I do!) it is a true celebration of the humble brown sign if ever I saw one. The roundabout is in Cardiff and was designed by a Frenchman called Pierre Vivant who won a competition in 1992 to exhibit his work in this rather different but at least highly visible urban space.

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Apparently the sculptures were originally hollow but were later sealed up because a local tramp took to living in one of them. God bless Cardiff. It is known locally as the Magic Roundabout and has been featured as a roundabout of distinction in multiple arenas, including the cult classic Roundabouts of Britain.

I envisage a quick trip down the M4 pretty shortly to make a pilgrimage to this sculpture which so heartily encompasses everything I do on my brown sign project, so get that kettle on Welsh Mr Bo Jangles, I’m on my way.