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Dirty brown-signing

This photo was forwarded to me yesterday by a good friend of mine with the subject “!!” and the words “I am speechless!”

I, of course, absolutely wet myself and had to get it straight up on the blog. I read about this in the news a while ago but for some reason I didn’t post it at the time, so I thought it was time to share.

This fake brown sign was erected (see what I did there?) as a tongue in cheek (and there?) poke (and there?!) at the Gloucestershire viewpoint Barrow Wake, a place which affords gorgeous views across the rolling Cotswolds countryside but was also fast becoming a great place to get some sex with randoms in cars too. People visiting the viewpoint were frequently being asked if they were looking for “stranger sex”, so much so that Barrow Wake had became a no go area for residents. The police were on to the problem at the time of the fake brown sign erection (sorry, did it again) so here’s hoping the random sex/dogging issue has been cleared up now.

I wish I’d been pootling around the Cotswolds to spot this brown sign when it was up, that would have made for an absolutely hilarious blog, bringing a whole new dimension to my “random brown sign of the day” post. Interviews and photos might have put me in a bit of a compromising position though, especially if I’d let slip that I was brown-signing…