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A brilliant talk on “living the dream man!” and feeling vulnerable

TED is an innovative and inspiring website that showcases thousands of talks given by a diverse range of interesting and brilliant people across the world about a whole variety of different topics. These people tell their audiences about their passions, their ideas, their research, their experiences and about the fundamental things that make them tick. The talks cover everything from space travel to marketing, but what I love most is not just the variety of the presentations but that every single one invites the viewer to think, question and evaluate the world around them and to pull on our own experiences while we watch, often giving food for thought that lasts long after the talk has finished.

Obviously I am a massive fan of TED (and any platform that gets people’s passions out there and enjoyed) so when I saw that Rob Archer, my friend and constant inspiration, had posted this talk on his blog with just the words “quite simply one of the best talks on TED” as an introduction I knew it was worth a look. It is of course brilliant and highlights just how important it is to really feel the things that are important to us, even though it might be scary and anxiety provoking to do so. Those people “living the dream” feel the same vulnerability and fear as everyone else, the difference is they accept that feeling and do it anyway. It’s a goody, so enjoy reader, enjoy…