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I’m a big fan of this brown sign bandwagon

During my extensive research of the brown signed attractions of Britain I have discovered some pretty cool things going on all over the country that are either run or linked up with brown signs. The website I am building ( will have an area dedicated to my findings don’t you worry but I thought I would share this one with you in the mean time. is an exciting programme set up by The Woodlands Trust in conjunction with other organisations like The National Trust, the RSPB, the Forestry Commission and The Wildlife Trusts to (you guessed it) encourage people to visit more of our gorgeous woodlands. There is a great search facility which throws up all the woods near you and contains lots of information about our precious woodlands. It’s an excellent place to begin your discovery of the natural world around you and will hopefully inspire you to go enjoying woods for a million different reasons. My personal favourite reason: when I’m feeling a bit lonely. My worst reason: training for a marathon. Whatever your reason though they’re important and visiting one will enrich your life (and make you feel quite tired if you run around it a lot).

The Woodlands Trust are also running an important campaign at the moment to protect our woodlands from being sold off by the government and you can sign up to their petition here, every name makes a difference

I am always up for getting people to experience all the great places we have around us in Britain, so of course this project gets my hearty seal of approval, but there is another more silly reason why I like it a little too much, follow the link and just look at the logo. Quality, rock on The Woodlands Trust.