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Have I got Mapping News for you…

Mapping News is the brilliant quarterly journal published by the dedicated map chaps at The Ordnance Survey. As if it wasn’t exciting enough already this Autumn’s edition also features an article about me and my brown signing adventures, they’ve even included some of my badly composed photographs (usually taken while hanging out of my car while driving slowly around roundabouts). With such coverage I decided that visitors to my blog might suddenly sky rocket so I undertook the not insignificant task of removing all the rude words from all my posts. After the initial excitement and massive undertaking though I realised that visitor numbers weren’t about to increase by a billion but as the article will mainly be read school children (and you) I thought it best to tone down the swearing somewhat.

Anyway, here I am on page 16, why not sit down with a nice cup of tea and have a little read?

Exciting stuff!