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On another bear hunt…

Time to do another brown sign trip! Heading for Robin Hood’s bay today, just north of Scarborough. Because of the long drive up there the estimated time of leaving was approx 9.30 (get up and go for a 2 hour run at 7 am come back get in the car and go) but here I am still buying fishing rod licences online and digging very spider infested camping chairs out of the shed.  Perhaps a more accurate time will be 11.30. Ho hum.
I have fishing booked for Tuesday and hopefully badger watching on Monday evening at a Forestry Commission forest. The rest will be dictated by my trusty brown signs (and how willing owners will be to let a poor struggling writer and her sister into their attractions at a reduced rate), North Yorkshire is my oyster!
The Saxo is stuffed to bursting with badly packed tents and bags, pasta and Dolmio sauces which I would never even think of touching normally and maps and tourist leaflets stuffed into any available orifice.
No “boutique” or “cool” camping for me my friends, oh no, I plan to get very muddy on the way to and from the shower block every morning, discover I’ve run out of 50ps once there and go to bed at approximately 9pm every night hungry because we’ve also run out of gas to boil the pasta with. At least I am prepared and resigned to my fate. Weirdly though I love it, and I plan to tell you all about it (whenever I can find a Starbucks or Wifi friendly pub, we shall see).
Wish me luck, bye bye for now.