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I value your opinion – I really do
Ok, I am starting to properly build up this blog now, woo! I want it to be as brown and touristy as it can be and to be honest I wouldn’t mind your input. I am effectively a one woman brown tourist sign visiting machine but would like your suggestions and comments of your brown tourist signed experiences.

Where have you been that’s got a brown tourist sign, maybe on holiday or closer to home? Have you ever noticed a brown sign that intrigued you? It can be anywhere in the UK and be as random or mainstream as you like, a good or bad experience, it really doesn’t matter, I want it all from you. I want to achieve a big fat all encompassing discovery of Britain, showing it in all it’s glory and including everything: the quirks, the cool, the weird, the lonely, the wet, the amazing, the different, the smelly, the random, the obvious, the fun, the bustling, the bizarre, the sad, the beautiful and the brilliant, all signed by the humble brown sign.

Brown tourist signed attractions encompass everything British, our culture, geography and history, and I want to sing their praises. The Brown Sign Way Map is an ongoing project, and I’m blogging about the places I go, including the unique stories and amazing things that lie behind the massive array of attractions and facilities we have in Britain. Not such a small task this one.

Leave me comments on Facebook, on the blog, email or Twitter me (I really don’t know how that works just yet, but you know, surprise me), however you do it, do it whenever you see a brown tourist sign and think of the gargantuan project that I’ve taken on for myself. See me as the eager dog with it’s face on your lap while you eat your dinner (maybe a little too close to your groin) waiting patiently for any scraps you’re willing to feed it.

Tell your friends, and keep me posted.