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Follow the Brown Signs Blog - June, 2014

The abandoned theme park of Camelot

June 29, 2014
Magical castle This symbol adorned the brown sign pointing to a theme park called Camelot, in Lancashire. I remember trying to find out what it was a few years ago when my friend Simon at Buchanan Computing sent me a road sign design software package with lots of "locally approved" unique brown sign symbols pre-loaded onto it (he knew I'd really like them you see). Unsurprisingly this symbol caught my attention and so too did it capture @gars_grumbles imagination. She tweeted me yesterday: @lovebrownsigns flipping through your blog and saw the unique princess...


Lincoln gets some long awaited brown sign highway cred

June 26, 2014
Lincoln brown signsLast year I was contacted by BBC radio Lincolnshire and asked to give an interview about Lincoln's long running campaign to get brown tourist signs on the A1. I agreed and, as I said in my interview, was quite surprised the city didn't have them already (the interview is here if you'd like to listen): listen to ‘BBC Lincolnshire can't get enough of this brown sign bonanza!’ on Audioboo // It turns out that the Lincoln Business Improvement Group (BIG) have been appealing to the Highways Agency and then finally through their MP to...


News of a scuttling

June 17, 2014
Clifton Suspension BridgeSince moving out of the Big Smoke Bristol is now my closest city. Just voted the best UK city to live according to The Sunday Times it has the winning mix of nearby countryside, lovely houses, good schools and "buzzy" feel. Its cultural and industrial heritage is outstanding, with Banksy daubing its streets and rolling stock since the early '90s and Brunel's Clifton Suspension Bridge and famous docks looking as grand and impressive as when the largest ships in the world once sailed from them, Bristolians have justifiable reason to be  proud...