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Follow the Brown Signs Blog - September, 2012

This mahoosive project needs a little help from its friends…

September 26, 2012
[caption id="attachment_6496" align="alignleft" width="210" caption="Setting off on the Brown-Signed Trip"][/caption] So, I've been working on this project of mine to celebrate and map the fantastic array of destinations with brown tourist signs across Britain (and indeed the world) for the last 3 years now. In fact, its exactly 3 years this week when I first headed off in my crap car (which currently sits abandoned on the road outside because I'm pretty sure the clutch has imploded) on a big trip visiting as many brown signed destinations as I could in the space...


The Cartoon Museum

September 16, 2012
Today I happened to notice this brown sign for The Cartoon Museum, just around the corner from the British Museum. I'd never been before and you know me, once I've spotted a brown sign I must follow it, so we paid them a visit. I love finding out how museums began, I find it so interesting when someone (or usually a small group of like-minded individuals) feel strongly that a subject should be bought to the attention of the general public in a place where it can be properly celebrated and...


Crap days out? Really?

September 3, 2012
At the ferry terminal yesterday, after a too-enormous-for-any-normal-person-to-consume-without-having-an-immediate-5-minute-wee-afterwards latte, I was on my way back from the toilet and noticed the best seller shelf in W H Smiths. I popped in to have a mooch and delay my return to the half dried coffee spills and yesterday's discarded blueberry muffin that characterised our seating area. At number 6 was a book called "Crap Days Out". I'd never heard of it before but its clearly doing well enough to get to the heady heights of the top ten in the literary count...


Brown signs en France mes petites amies!

September 2, 2012
I'm very excited this morning. I'm excited the way I always get when wake up early because I'm going in holiday (and also a bit anxious because of course I haven't done anything useful like packing or thought about where the hell my passport might be in my pit of a bedroom). I'm a bit more excited about this trip than normal because I'm going to France, not the most exotic of destinations you might be thinking dear reader, but seasoned brown-signers and regular visitors to this site know that France...