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Follow the Brown Signs Blog - July, 2011

Bad bikes and the oldest operating aquarium in the world

July 25, 2011
This week I had the honour of writing a piece about my new website ( for The British and Irish Association for Zoos and Aquariums (BIAZA) newsletter. I hope the piece will get more attractions signing up to the site (for free) and help get as many zoos and aquariums on the brown sign map as possible. It motivated me to do a little research into the subject and when I read that Brighton Sealife Centre is in fact the oldest operating aquarium in the world I decided it needed...


It seems I can’t stop banging on about men on the moon…

July 24, 2011
... when my sister got sent the link to this video I thought I must share it. What I love most, apart from loving the song and being reminded of my teenage years when The Mose would play R.E.M. on a loop, mooning around the house adoring Michael Stipe a little more than is healthy, I also love what lies behind the story of the song. Mikey Stipey, as he has become affectionately known in our house (even my 86 year old Dad knows who we're talking about when we mention...