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Follow the Brown Signs Blog - September, 2009

The universe and things over which we have no control

September 30, 2009
Yesterday was not such a good day, but it did start well. I had seen brown signs on the way into Sale for Jodrell Bank, the symbol on the sign was not a generic one, but it was intriguing one none the less. I decided I'd get up early the next day to go and check it out. Unfortunately for me my plans didn't go as I imagined, as Eleri and I went down the the funeral wake in the hotel bar and had a few too many drinks with dinner,...


Boat lifts, birds of prey and funeral wakes

September 28, 2009
So the day to leave my student digs arrived. I took the chance to wash all my clothes and hung them out all over the banisters to dry like I used to many years ago in my own student house, then packed the damp smoke infused items back into my wardrobe/suitcase and into the boot. Unbelievably my car wasn't broken into, despite being in an area that looked liked this...   I was heading for Sale near Manchester and decided to take the non-motorway route, as it's clearly going to be more...


U-Boat stories and Britain’s largest cathedral

September 27, 2009
It was a late/early bedtime last night/this morning (5am - I seriously am getting far too old for this but I was out with a student so I had to keep up), and had a great night having dinner in one of the weirdest restaurants-come-karaoke-eat-as-much-as-you-like-chineses I've ever had the displeasure to eat in then doing most of the bars in Liverpool. There is something just a little bit scary though about walking home through scenes that can only be described as something out of Shaun of the Dead. Wasted Liverpuddlians...


To Liverpool… and not beyond

September 26, 2009
After walking, riding, eating my pie and blog writing (and making friends in the inn) I went to bed knackered. I woke up even more knackered and decided the brown signs may have to wait for my enthusiasm to be rekindled before they got me again. I left the Druid Inn, beautiful location, here's the view from my window...

I planned to hang in Chester for a bit, there were races on and as racecourses have their own brown sign symbol it was probably a good opportunity to...